Published: 9 years ago

jQuery CSS3 Notifications

Great looking CSS3 notifications in a lightweight script with an easy to use api. Perfect for your next web app


//Initialize the simple notifications plugin:

      //Use default options:
      var notifications = $('body').ttwSimpleNotifications();

      //Use custom options:
      var notifications = $('body').ttwSimpleNotifications({
            position:'bottom right',
               //some callback function
//Call desired plugin methods:

       //A simple notification with no options:' rocks my socks off');

       //A notification with html and an icon:{msg:'Make sure to bookmark Codebase Hero and check back often', icon:'images/icon.png'});

       //A notification that overrides the default options:{msg:'Don\'t forget to check out my Premium Files', icon:'images/icon.png', autoHide:false});

       //Closing a notification programatically::
       var thisNotif ='Yeah, I know I'm awesome :)');

       //Get a handle to the active notifications array:
       var actives = notifications.notifications;
  1. Alisson says:

    I have a sequence of notifications and want to hide one as I could do that, you can put an id for each notification

  2. Tom Ashley says:

    Wow three years ago and still looks to be a great solution. I’m going to use it for the registration page on (A new site that lets users watch movies online).

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